Your e-commerce analytics don't tell the whole story. Not even close.

Shopalytic reveals everything you're missing to make data driven decisions.

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E-commerce insights you can take action on

Shopalytic is your virtual analyst super hero - with answers to how and what drives revenue.

Which channels are driving your most loyal customers? How long does it take for customers to place repeat orders? Are you acquiring high value customers or losing money with your couponing strategy? How many orders did you lose because a product was out of inventory? That's just for starters. Shopalytic knows all your shopping cart secrets.

Take the guesswork out of reporting

Eliminate wasting time writing spreadsheet formulas, designing dashboards, and guessing at which metrics are important. Shopalytic pre-define the most important metrics and generates insights in plain English that are easy to read, understand, and take action on. You won't need to be a data scientist or have a statistics degree to use Shopalytic.


Analyze the past to help predict the future

Don't wait weeks for your analytics service to collect enough data to produce a meaningful report. Shopalytic automatically imports your historical data and generates reports and insights that can have an immediate impact.

Minutes not weeks to install

Shopalytic is easy and straight forward to install. We provide plugins for popular shopping cart software and hosted services. You don't need to waste hours of developer time installing confusing data collection tags or guessing about what data is important to collect. Shopalytic automatically collects the most important data created by your shopping cart. You could be up and running before your next sale closes.

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Shopalytic helps e-commerce businesses cash in on their data

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